Vivek Kumar Saxena

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A review of the neurological complications presenting in uremia and an account of their presumed pathophysiology is given. With the introduction of different dialytic procedures during the last twenty years, the incidence and severity of neurological complications have declined. Nevertheless, some disturbances related to the uremic syndrome fail to respond(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Entomological investigations were carried out in Warangal and Karim Nagar districts of Andhra Pradesh during viral encephalitis outbreak in July 2003. METHODS Adult mosquito collections in outdoor were done using sweep cage method and in indoor with the help of aspirator tube and flash light. Larval collections were done by dipping(More)
In dichotic listening tasks, the (dominant) right ear's superiority in processing verbal stimuli has been attributed to its direct anatomic connection with the left dominant hemisphere. The role played by extralinguistic factors, such as attention and functional tuning of the associated cortical structures, has not been carefully examined. This(More)
In dichotic listening tasks, the (dominant) right ear's superiority in processing verbal stimuli has been attributed to its direct access to the linguistically dominant left hemisphere. The roles played by the extralinguistic factors, such as induced attentiveness and functional tuning of the auditory system, have not been carefully examined. The evidence(More)
This paper gives a review of the use of ergotamine in the treatment of migraine and discusses its side effects and the treatment of possible complications. It is concluded that ergotamine is an effective and valuable substance in the treatment of acute attacks of migraine. However, ergotamine remains a potentially dangerous substance, its possible side(More)
Several neuropeptides have been demonstrated to coexist with classical neurotransmitters in the central and peripheral nervous systems and have been proposed as neurotransmitter or neuromodulator candidates. In this report, we investigated the relationship between the external calcium concentration and the electrically induced overflow of noradrenaline (NA)(More)
The active fraction, isolated and partially purified from the crude venom of the marine snail Conus distans, with a molecular mass of about 25 kDa, inhibits neurotransmitter release in rat hippocampus. This toxin (distans Toxin) inhibits the electrically evoked tritium labelled noradrenaline release from rat hippocampal slices in a dose and time dependent(More)
A 30-year-old woman developed multiple cerebral infarctions. In the absence of other risk factors, thrombocythemia secondary to iron deficiency anemia due to polymenorrhoea was considered to underlie the cerebral infarctions. Platelet count was normalized after iron therapy. The importance of vigorous treatment of iron deficiency anemia in preventing(More)