Vivek H Murthy

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CONTEXT Despite the importance of diversity of cancer trial participants with regard to race, ethnicity, age, and sex, there is little recent information about the representation of these groups in clinical trials. OBJECTIVE To characterize the representation of racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and women in cancer trials sponsored by the(More)
opioid epidemic. It was the first time in the 145-year history of the Office of the Surgeon General that such a letter was issued specifically to medical professionals calling them to action. The letter and pocket card are part of a larger campaign — Turn The Tide Rx — that also includes an online pledge for clinicians, educational resources, and an(More)
In a 51-year-old woman with right-sided abdominal pain and systemic symptoms, major concerns include biliary disease, liver abscess, or appendicitis. Right-sided diverticulitis would be more unusual. Pyelonephritis infrequently presents with epigastric and lower quadrant pain, instead of flank pain. Basilar pneumonia may present with abdominal pain, but(More)