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We perform a full amplitude analysis of B 0 ! c 0 K þ À decays, with c 0 ! þ À or e þ e À , to constrain the spin and parity of the Zð4430Þ À. The J P ¼ 1 þ hypothesis is favored over the 0 À , 1 À , 2 À and 2 þ hypotheses at the levels of 3:4, 3:7, 4:7 and 5:1, respectively. The analysis is based on a 711 fb À1 data sample that contains 772 Â 10 6 B " B(More)
We report the draft genome sequence of Alcaligenes faecalis strain IITR89, a bacterium able to form indigo by utilizing indole as the sole carbon source. The Alcaligenes species is increasingly reported for biodegradation of diverse toxicants and thus complete sequencing may provide insight into biodegradation capabilities and other phenotypes.
—Cloud computing is an emerging internet-based paradigm of rendering services on pay-as-per-use basis. Increasing growth of cloud service providers and services creates the need to provide a tool for retrieval of the high-quality optimal cloud services composition with relevance to the user priorities. Quality of Service rank-ings provides valuable(More)
Direct and indirect oxidation of guanine in DNA produces guanidinohydantoin (Gh), which is capable of inhibiting replication and inducing mutations during cellular activities. Although some biochemical studies have proposed that Gh may induce exclusively G to C mutations in DNA, other studies have predicted the occurrence of both G to C and G to T(More)
Maxillary jaw is restricted superiorly with maxillary sinus in the posterior region and nasal cavity in the anterior region. Augmentation of distal maxilla with recessed maxillary sinus has been documented since, last few decades. Sinus lifts the procedure either through crestal or lateral approach proves to be an effective way for augmenting bone for the(More)
In a cloud based service environment, finding the user-centric optimal service composition has become increasingly necessity. A consumer needs the service composition which meets the quality requirements in a cost effective manner. The service level agreement (SLA) signed by both, the consumer and the service provider, includes Quality of Service (QoS)(More)