Vivek Chil Prakash

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The paper shows how smart meters can be put to work, beyond their traditional use, towards explaining abnormal and unexpected patterns in the behavior of electrical appliances. We describe two kinds of uses, by visualizing and analyzing smart meter data for an academic building. The first gives us the ability to find anomalous appliance behaviors and the(More)
As buildings get smarter they need to be aware of their spaces and occupants to improve prediction and management of energy consumption and environment customization based on user preference. User identification is crucial to this. However, accuracy of identification, intrusiveness and cost are important factors that one considers before installing such a(More)
The use of smart-meters is proliferating, they are now being deployed without asking the obvious question: Do we really need each of them? Beyond the cost of smart-meters, there are overheads related to installation, wiring, etc. To formally tackle this question, we first define the notion of observability that one or more pieces of information (including(More)
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