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OBJECTIVE To establish a surveillance network for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) risk factors in industrial settings and estimate the risk factor burden using standardized tools. METHODS We conducted a baseline cross-sectional survey (as part of a CVD surveillance programme) of industrial populations from 10 companies across India, situated in close(More)
While the dynamic thermal management problem is closely related to the dynamic power management problem, it has its own distinct features. In this paper, we study the feasibility checking problem for real-time periodic task sets under the peak temperature constraint. We show that the traditional scheduling approach, i.e. to repeat the schedule that is(More)
Thermal management is becoming a critical issue in computing system design as the processor power continues to grow exponentially. Since high power consumption leads to high temperature, and high temperature in turn dramatically increases the leakage power consumption, a thermal management technique becomes ineffective if this temperature/leakage relation(More)
BACKGROUND Serum cotinine levels are a reliable marker of tobacco use. Few studies have validated questionnaires assessing smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) against serum levels. We undertook such a study in industrial workers in India. METHODS We chose 426 individuals by stratified random sampling from a database of 3397(More)
AIM To highlight the regional difference in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) and to explore determinants in variability in the Indian industrial population. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was carried out among the employees and their family members (10 930 individuals, mean age 39.6 years, 6764 male) of eleven medium-to-large industries from(More)
In this paper, we incorporate the dependencies among the leakage, the temperature and the supply voltage into the theoretical analysis and explore the fundamental characteristics on how to employ dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) to reduce the peak operating temperature. We find that, for a specific interval, a real-time schedule using the lowest constant speed(More)
A total of 1527 cases of total body cancer (TBC) presented at M G I M S between 1(st) Jan. 1992 to 30(th) April 1999. ENPLO cancers comprised 656 (42.9%)casees. Ca cervix was the commonest cancer amongst TBC comprising 15.3% cases. Ca oral cavity was the commoncest among ENPLO cancers comprising 24.3% cases followed by Ca oesophagus comprising 19.1% Ca(More)
As the consequence of the exponentially increased power density on integrated circuits, thermal issues are becoming critical in design of computing systems. Moreover, as both leakage and thermal issues have become more prominent in the deep sub-micron domain, a power and thermal aware design technique becomes less effective if the leakage/temperature(More)
The inverse graded relationship of education and risk factors of coronary heart disease (CHD) has been reported from Western populations. To examine whether risk factors of CHD are predicted by level of education and influenced by the level of urbanization in Indian industrial populations, a cross-sectional survey (n = 19,973; response rate, 87.6%) was(More)
The saccadic system is known to exhibit a considerable degree of short-term plasticity. Earlier studies have shown that saccadic adaptation, rather than being a global process affecting all saccades equally, has a certain degree of spatial resolution. Its localized nature has become apparent from studies in the frontal plane which have shown that short-term(More)