Vivek Chanana

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Contemporary engineering organizations are increasingly becoming reliant on advanced computing technology and information systems to ensure the effective management of their engineering assets. Ensuring the reliability, maintenance and management of assets is dependent on the integration and interoperability of their information systems. A plethora of(More)
Good quality data is a valuable asset for any enterprise in this information age. Though volumes of data have grown, their utility for decision making has been meagre. This is a result of poor quality data that enterprises generally possess. Data generation process goes through a number of stages from capture through exchange, integration, migration to(More)
Data Quality (DQ) is seen as critical to effective business decision-making. However, maintaining DQ is often acknowledged as problematic. Asset data is the key enabler in gaining control of assets. The quality asset data provides the foundation for effective Asset Management (AM). Researches have indicated that achieving AM DQ is the key challenge(More)
We present a new context-based information retrieval (IR) system where user could indicate the context in which he/she is seeking information. We use a novel way of representing context based on the type of information. The context defined in this manner is most intuitive to the user and originates from his/her information need in a problem-solving(More)
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