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Two fundamental parameters of the highly dynamic, ultrathin lamellipodia of migrating fibroblasts have been determined-its thickness in living cells (176 +/- 14 nm), by standing-wave fluorescence microscopy, and its F-actin density (1580 +/- 613 microm of F-actin/microm(3)), via image-based photometry. In combination with data from previous studies, we have(More)
Medaka (Oryzias latipes) eggs microinjected with the Ca(2+)-mobilising messenger cyclic adenosine diphosphate ribose (cADPR) underwent a wave of exocytosis of cortical alveoli and were thus activated. The number of eggs activated was sharply dependent on the concentration of cADPR in the pipette, the threshold concentration was approximately 60 nM. After(More)
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