Vivek Agnihotri

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Aerosol deposition efficiency (DE) in the extrathoracic airways during mouth breathing is currently documented only for the inspiratory phase of respiration, and there is a need for quantification of expiratory DE. Our aim was to study both inspiratory and expiratory DE in a realistic upper airway geometry. This was done experimentally on a physical upper(More)
Deposition of mono-disperse aerosols is studied numerically on a simplified human upper airway model (UAM). This paper presents new correction functions for eddy interaction model (EIM) in an attempt to improve the accuracy of predicting aerosol deposition in the UAM. Based on an Euler-Lagrange methodology, the fluid phase is solved using RANS (Reynolds(More)
1 Abstract: Aerosol deposition behavior during inspiratory breathing phase of respiration is studied numerically for a simplified human upper airway model (UAM). The numerical simulation is based on an Euler-Lagrange methodology. The Eulerian phase is simulated by using Reynolds Averaged NavierStokes equation (RANS) with the low Reynolds SST k-ω turbulence(More)
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