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Palynology and systematics of Ranunculiflorae
The pollen morphological variation in the families of the Ranunculiflorae (Berberidaceae, Fumariaceae, Lardizabalaceae Menispermaceae Nelumbonaceae, Papaveraceae and Ranunculaceae) is summarised andExpand
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Pollen morphology and functional dioecy inSolanum (Solanaceae)
Dioecy has evolved independently several times in the large, mostly tropical genusSolanum. In all cases of dioecy inSolanum functionally male flowers have normal anthers, normal pollen and reducedExpand
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Pollen morphology and systematics of tribe Juanulloeae A.T. Hunziker (Solanaceae)
Abstract Pollen grains of 44 taxa from the nine genera of tribe Juanulloeae (Solanaceae), Juanulloa, Markea, Schultesianthus, Trianaea, Dyssochroma, Hawkesiophyton, Rahowardiana, Ectozoma andExpand
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