Vivaksha J. Jariwala

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Data aggregation based on in-network processing is useful in improving the communications overhead in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) by reducing the overall number of packets communicated to the base station. However, due to the fusion of data items sourced at different nodes into a single one, the security of the aggregated data as well as that of the(More)
The Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are composed of resource starved sensor nodes that are deployed to sense, process and communicate vital information to the base station. Due to the stringent constraints on the resources in the sensor nodes on one hand and due to the communications costs being always significantly higher than the data processing costs,(More)
The current US standard for encryption viz. the AES derives its security strength due to its neat algebraic structure based on arithmetic in Galois Fields. It has been accepted by the National Security Agency to secure the information in the SECRET as well as TOP SECRET category. However, with the recent surge in the published attacks on the algebraic(More)
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