Vittorio Trecordi

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In this paper we study a scheme that allows a smooth increase of the capacity of a cellular system for circuit switching by applying cell partitioning and using dynamic channel allocation techniques. A bound is computed for this reuse partitioning scheme that gives the maximum theoretical gain accomplished in the system bandwidth. The performance of the(More)
Great interest in recent years has been devoted to mobile communications. The research effort has been directed to increasing the capacity of radio systems by applying space reuse techniques. Higher efficiency in the usage of the available frequency spectrum can be obtained either by reducing the cell size, thus requiring the provision of new base stations,(More)
A new definition of transmission network availability with applications, " Outage probability in mobile packet radio networks with interferers distributed along a straight line, " [J8] M. Zorzi, " Fast computation of outage probability for cellular mobile radio systems, " Euro-Throughput of selective-repeat ARQ with time diversity in Markov channels with(More)