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This paper demonstrates, for the first time, a circuit-level approach to the analysis of pulse-ultrawideband (UWB) receiver front ends in the presence of interfering communication signals. The procedure is based on a model-order-reduction harmonic-balance technique based on Krylov subspaces. A sophisticated algorithm for performing matrix-vector(More)
Decreased bone formation contributes to the development of bone lesions in multiple myeloma (MM) patients. In this study, we have investigated the effects of myeloma cells on osteoblast formation and differentiation and the potential role of the critical osteoblast transcription factor RUNX2/CBFA1 (Runt-related transcription factor 2/core-binding factor(More)
The proteasome inhibitor bortezomib may increase osteoblast-related markers in multiple myeloma (MM) patients; however, its potential osteoblastic stimulatory effect is not known. In this study, we show that bortezomib significantly induced a stimulatory effect on osteoblast markers in human mesenchymal cells without affecting the number of osteoblast(More)
Multiple myeloma (MM) is a plasma cell malignancy characterized by a high capacity to induce osteolytic bone lesions. Bone destruction in MM results from increased osteoclast formation and activity that occur in close proximity to myeloma cells. However, histomorphometric studies have demonstrated that MM patients with osteolytic bone lesions have lower(More)
Osteoblast impairment occurs within multiple myeloma cell infiltration into the bone marrow. Canonical Wnt signaling activation in osteoprogenitor cells is involved in osteoblast formation through the stabilization of dephosphorylated beta-catenin and its nuclear translocation. The effects of multiple myeloma cells on Wnt signaling in human(More)
This paper discusses some modern trends in nonlinear (NL) microwave circuit optimization based on electromagnetic (EM) simulation. In order to keep the CPU time required for a typical design within acceptable limits, the number of expensive EM analyses must be kept under tight control. This may be obtained by resorting to a systematic implementation of some(More)
We introduce a compact, lightweight and highly efficient multi-resonator rectenna (rectifying antenna) designed to harvest the RF energy really obtainable in humanized environments. Such sources, radiated from cell phones, radio transmitters and Wi-Fi equipments, are ubiquitously available but have very low power densities, at different frequency bands,(More)
The expression of the chemokine CC-chemokine ligand 20 (CCL20)/macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP)-3alpha and its receptor CC-chemokine receptor 6 (CCR6) by multiple myeloma (MM) and microenvironment cells and their potential relationship with osteoclast (OC) formation and osteolytic bone lesions in MM patients was investigated in this study. First, we(More)
The hallmark of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is the presence of the bcr-abl oncogene, which is associated with transforming ability and an intrinsic resistance to induction of apoptosis by genotoxic agents. Arachi-donic acid (AA), a biologically active fatty acid, plays a crucial role as a mediator of signaling pathways involved in cell proliferation and(More)
This paper discusses a self-consistent set of modern computational concepts providing an effective approach to the circuit-level harmonic-balance (HB) simulation of nonlinear microwave systems of complex topology. The system is automatically split into the interconnection of a near-optimal number of nonlinear blocks at run time. The resulting structure is(More)