Vittorio Penna

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We study the properties of the discrete Wigner distribution for two qubits introduced by Wotters. In particular, we analyze the entanglement properties within the Wigner distribution picture by considering the negativity of the Wigner function (WF) and the correlations of the marginal distribution. We show that a state is entangled if at least one among the(More)
In the present paper we describe the properties induced by disorder on an ultracold gas of Bosonic atoms loaded into a two-dimensional optical lattice with global confinement ensured by a parabolic potential. Our analysis is centered on the spatial distribution of the various phases, focusing particularly on the superfluid properties of the system as a(More)
Variability in superovulatory response is a limiting factor for animal breeding programs using Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET) nucleus schemes. To evaluate genetic factors affecting superovulory response, 1036 multiple ovulation records from 475 Brazilian Nellore embryo donors (daughters of 139 sires), 2.2-20.5-year olds, were analyzed. Traits(More)
We describe the quantum dynamics of the Hubbard model at semi-classical level, by implementing the Time-Dependent Variational Principle (TDVP) procedure on appropriate macroscopic wavefunctions constructed in terms of su(2)-coherent states. Within the TDVP procedure, such states turn out to include a time-dependent quantum phase, part of which can be(More)
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