Vittorio Penna

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Genetic trends for 305-day milk yield (P305) in Brazilian Guzerat herds under selection were compared. Data from 4898 lactations of 3179 purebred and crossbred cows from various regions of Brazil were used. Milk yield was adjusted for mature age and the contemporary groups were defined as herd and calving year. Genetic parameters were estimated using the(More)
The dynamics of the three coupled bosonic wells (trimer) containing N bosons is investigated within a standard (mean-field) semiclassical picture based on the coherent-state method. Various periodic solutions (configured as pi-like, dimerlike, and vortex states) representing collective modes are obtained analytically when the fixed points of trimer dynamics(More)
Variability in superovulatory response is a limiting factor for animal breeding programs using Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET) nucleus schemes. To evaluate genetic factors affecting superovulory response, 1036 multiple ovulation records from 475 Brazilian Nellore embryo donors (daughters of 139 sires), 2.2-20.5-year olds, were analyzed. Traits(More)
Factors affecting pregnancy rate of 5627 Zebu embryos in crossbred females with unknown proportions of Holstein and Zebu breeding were examined. After evaluation for developmental stage, quality, and viability, embryos were immediately transferred to recipients. Pregnancy diagnosis was conducted approximately 53 d after transfer; pregnancy rate was coded as(More)
We study the properties of the discrete Wigner distribution for two qubits introduced by Wotters. In particular, we analyze the entanglement properties within the Wigner distribution picture by considering the negativity of the Wigner function (WF) and the correlations of the marginal distribution. We show that a state is entangled if at least one among the(More)
We investigate the ground state of a system of interacting particles in small nonlinear lattices with M >or=3 sites, using as a prototypical example the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation that has been recently used extensively in the contexts of nonlinear optics of waveguide arrays and Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices. We find that, in(More)
We study the quantum dynamics of the central-depleted-well (CDW) regime in a three-mode Bose Hubbard model subject to a confining parabolic potential. By introducing a suitable set of momentum-like modes we identify the microscopic variables involved in the quantization process and the dynamical algebra of the model. We describe the diagonalization(More)
We investigate the properties of strongly interacting heteronuclear boson-boson mixtures loaded in realistic optical lattices, with particular emphasis on the physics of interfaces. In particular, we numerically reproduce the recent experimental observation that the addition of a small fraction of 41K induces a significant loss of coherence in 87Rb,(More)
We study the degeneracy of the ground-state energy E of the two-component Bose-Hubbard model and of the perturbative correction E(1). We show that the degeneracy properties of E and E(1) are closely related to the connectivity properties of the lattice. We determine general conditions under which E is nondegenerate. This analysis is then extended to(More)
The dynamics of a mean-field model of three coupled condensates is studied for initial states characterized by twin condensates. Condensates occupy an open three-well chain, where the central potential-well depth is an independent parameter. Despite its diversity from the closed-chain symmetric model, such model is shown to have an integrable regime(More)