Vittorio Guarnieri

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The poor immunogenicity of the Neisseria meningitidis group B polysaccharide capsule, a homopolymer of alpha(2-->8) sialic acid, has been attributed to immunologic tolerance induced by prenatal exposure to host polysialyated glycoproteins. Substitution of N-propionyl (N-Pr) for N-acetyl groups on the meningococcal B polysaccharide, and conjugation of the(More)
Shielding is the only practical countermeasure for the exposure to cosmic radiation during space travel. It is well known that light, hydrogenated materials, such as water and polyethylene, provide the best shielding against space radiation. Kevlar and Nextel are two materials of great interest for spacecraft shielding because of their known ability to(More)
The stability and integrity of glycoconjugate vaccines requires determination of the total saccharide and quantification of the unbound or free saccharide present. The traditional assay for Hib conjugates, based on colorimetric determination of ribose, has been much improved by the use of base hydrolysis and analysis of the Hib subunit generated using(More)
We have developed a chromatographic method suitable for the fractionation of polysaccharides having a negatively charged group. The method permits the removal of all those polysaccharide fragments having a short sequence and which are likely unsuitable for conjugate vaccine construction. The selected polysaccharide fragments can be used to produce(More)
The capsular polysaccharide produced by Neisseria meningitidis group A has the following structure: [formula: see text] [formula: see text] This polysaccharide was partially hydrolysed with acetic acid, and the oligomers obtained were separated by fast performance liquid chromatography. Six fractions were collected and characterised by ionspray mass(More)
The adherence of Platinum thin film on Si/SiO2 wafer was studies using Chromium, Titanium or Alumina (Cr, Ti, Al2O3) as interlayer. The adhesion of Pt is a fundamental property in different areas, for example in MEMS devices, which operate at high temperature conditions, as well as in biomedical applications, where the problem of adhesion of a Pt film to(More)
Platinum thin film layers on Si/SiO 2 wafer are nowadays receiving considerable attention for many MEMS devices which operate at high temperature conditions, as for example micromachined chemoresistive sensors for gas detection. In application of MEMS devices as sensors for gas detection, for example, the high temperature working condition (from 400 °C to(More)
The accurate determination of biological parameters by means of rapid, on-line measurements at low-concentrations is an important task within the fields of pharmaceutical screening and medical diagnostic. Nevertheless, in biological samples, the analytes of interest are present as minor components in complex mixtures and with interfering species. Biosensors(More)