Vittorio Ferrero

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OBJECTIVES Stapes surgery restores partial or total hearing in almost 95% of cases, and in case of failure, revision surgery may often resolve the problem. Delayed vertigo is commonly related to perilymphatic fistula. The aim of this study is to report experience gained in revision stapes surgery in cases of delayed vertigo. STUDY DESIGN This is an(More)
OBJECTIVES The most frequent failure in myringoplasty is reperforation. This complication appears at a rate of 7% to 27%. The aim of this study was to evaluate the importance of the principal prognostic factors to the risk of reperforation. METHODS This is a study of prognosis based on an inception cohort. The prognostic factors considered in the study(More)
Studies in the 1970s and 1980s reported that bacterial lysates (BL) had a prophylactic effect on recurrent respiratory tract infections (RRTI). However, controlled clinical study procedures have evolved substantially since then. We performed a trial using updated methods to evaluate the efficacy of Lantigen B®, a chemical BL. This double blind, placebo(More)
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