Vittorio Dalmastri

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BACKGROUND While chronic renal damage is a condition with low-grade inflammation, the potential role of inflammation in kidney disease as a marker of cardiovascular damage is of current interest. This study analyzed the relationship between renal dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and extension of coronary atherosclerosis in patients with non-ST-segment(More)
BACKGROUND Among dialysis patients in the last 10 years the incidence of intradialytic dysequilibrium syndrome and symptomatic hypotension has increased significantly. Profiled haemodialysis (PHD), a new dialysis technique based on intradialytic modulation of the dialysate sodium concentration according to pre-elaborated individual profiles, has been set up(More)
A simple mathematical model of the intradialytic relationship between natraemia and dialysate sodium concentration is presented. The model includes a bicompartmental description of sodium, urea and fluid kinetics and an algebraic characterization of diffusive/convective mass-transfer across the dialysis membrane. Its ability to provide realistic responses(More)
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