Vittorio Cecconi

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The single-phase induction motor (SPIM) is one of the electrical machines more used in the World, and can be found in several fractional and sub-fractional horsepower applications in houses, offices, shoppings, farms, and industries. The introduction of more sophisticated applications has required the use of variable speed drives for SPIM, where the(More)
The purpose of this work has been the development of the supplying system for an industrial electrolyzer. The hydrogen generating device is part of a complex system constituted by a supplying photovoltaic plant, the grid and a fuel cell battery. The main aim of this electrical system is the hydrogen storage devoted to the suitable load supplying in order to(More)
It is usual find single-phase induction motor (SPIM) in several house, office, shopping, farm, and industry applications, which are become each time more sophisticated and requiring variable speed drives. Considering the low cost of this machine, the adoption of sensorless speed control is the more reasonable option for SPIM drives. This paper presents a(More)
In this paper an approach to the optimization of the magnetic design of a permanent magnet (PM) linear generator for the exploitation of the energy contained in sea waves is presented. This approach consists of a two step procedure: the first one takes into account the stochastic features of the sea wave motion and describe the working condition of the(More)
This paper proposes a new solution for wind electrical energy generating system (WEEGS). The system here taken into account is moved by a modular multiple blade fixed pitch wind turbine (MMBFPWT) and foresees a new MPPT algorithm whose main characteristics are low cost, low noise, buildings simplicity and modularity. The mathematical model of the entire(More)
It is usual to find single-phase induction motor (SPIM) in several house, office, shopping, farm, and industry appliances, which is become more sophisticated and requires the development of high performance alternatives to drive a SPIM. All proposed strategies to improve the performance SPIM need the evaluation of the rotational speed or position(More)
The life quality of motion disabled people is increased by the use of more and more sophisticated electrical wheelchairs. Despite the diffusion of such aid tools, specific technical standards for the determination of characteristic parameters of their electric drives are not so developed as the ones available for urban electric vehicles. In this paper, in(More)
In this paper the design, realization and testing of a photovoltaic charging system suitable for the management of an electrically power assisted tricycle are described. This vehicle uses a photovoltaic module as a source of electric energy for the battery recharging. In this work, an overview on the needs of sustainable mobility and on the commercial(More)
In the last decade, due to the increased use of direct current, the space charge accumulation phenomenon has reached more interest. In this regard, several non-destructive measurement systems were used. In particular, for solid dielectrics, the acoustic methods have had greater success. This review presents a brief historical evolution of the Pulse(More)
This paper describes the realization of a two-degrees of freedom induction motor prototype with rotor helical motion, suitable for several industrial applications as grinders, augers, drilling and milling spindles, robotic arms and drives for medical tools and prostheses. This prototype was realized by combining a three-phase tubular linear induction motor(More)