Vittoriano Muttillo

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Today on-chip monitoring solutions should be characterized by a reduced software and hardware overheads. So, this work deals with techniques to profile computational behavior and communication patterns of hardware/software components belonging to systems with multiple processing elements, i.e. a more general representation of on-chip embedded systems. In(More)
In recent years, embedded applications have been characterized by increasingly stringent requirements, both from functional and non-functional point of view. This led to the adoption of complex hardware platforms (multi-core and many-core architectures), able to guarantee high computational power with low energy consumption and reduced footprint. An(More)
The paper presents a software architecture based on open source technologies, implemented by the authors in an experience of processing spatio-temporal data gathered by rain gauges spread across two regions of central Italy. The interest in the automatic processing of data about precipitation is widespread, however, today only an inner circle of(More)
Timing analysis of embedded systems is an operation performed when there are tasks that have to execute with a well precise deadline, and need to be scheduled, such as those on real-time systems. The diffusion of embedded systems to different kind of application areas is driving platforms toward heterogeneous multi-core architectures, that require a timing(More)
In recent years, the use of multiprocessor systems has become increasingly common. Even in the embedded domain, the development of platforms based on multiprocessor systems or the porting of legacy single-core applications are frequent needs. However, such designs are often complicated, as embedded systems are characterized by numerous non-functional(More)
Nowadays embedded systems are powerful and everywhere. They implement complex functionality relying on a huge set of different hardware and software (HW/SW) architectures. In order to reduce their development effort, HW/SW Co-Design techniques are used during the entire development cycle. These techniques aim at helping designers to define a feasible(More)
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