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The 'one-pot' stereoselective conversion of N-(4-nitrobenzene)sulfonyl-alpha-amino acid tert-butyl esters into the corresponding N-alkyl-alpha-(4-nitrophenyl)-alpha-amino esters has been realized through N-alkylation of the starting amido esters, followed by N-C(alpha) migration of the p-nitrophenyl group and the loss of sulfur dioxide; the asymmetric(More)
Polyfunctionalized benzo[d]sultams 7 and 8, which contain an alpha-amino acid unit, have been synthesized from the corresponding open chain (pentafluorobenzene)sulfonamides 4 by complementary solid-liquid phase transfer catalysis (SL-PTC) and homogeneous protocols. The cyclization step proceeds through the intramolecular nucleophilic displacement of an(More)
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