Vittoria Bruni

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This paper presents a generalization of Kokaram's model for scratch lines detection on digital film materials. It is based on the assumption that scratch is not purely additive on a given image but shows also a destroying effect. This result allows us to design a more efficacious scratch detector which performs on a hierarchical representation of a degraded(More)
In this paper a unified model for both detection and restoration of line scratches on color movies is presented. It exploits a generalization of the light diffraction effect for modeling the shape of scratches, while perception laws are used for their automatic detection and removal. The detection algorithm has a high precision in terms of number of(More)
This paper presents an automatic technique to remove semi-transparent blotches (due to moisture) from archived photographs and documents. Blotches are processed in the HSV space. While chroma components are processed using a simple texture synthesis method, the intensity component is split into an over-complete wavelet representation. In the approximation(More)
In this paper, an evolution law through scales for modulus maxima of the wavelet transform of a signal is proposed. It corresponds to an atomic approximation of wavelet detail bands. Although this result is very general and useful for various fields of image processing, we focus on its application to signal and image compression. We propose a simple trick(More)