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A new method is described to determine and to rank the significance of the environmental aspects of a local authority, as a basis for the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS). The method is especially important as for the requirements of the EU "Environmental Management and Audit Scheme" (EMAS), a standard open to all sectors including(More)
Local management of environmental resources is often impaired by the lack of scientific knowledge available to policy makers, which produces environmental policies that do not take into proper account the global value of environmental components. The environmental management research group of the University of Bologna has been addressing this issue in the(More)
The Authors show their method to set up and to plan a T.P.N. for surgical patients. They emphasize how the introduction of the computer in the intensive therapy practice, not only helps the work of the medical corps and the hospital attendants, but it marks and plans again every day the components' dosages on the blood-metabolical alterations, daily checked(More)
A Life Cycle Assessment is conducted on pyrolysis coupled to anaerobic digestion to treat corn stovers and to obtain bioenergy and biochar. The analysis takes into account the feedstock treatment process, the fate of products and the indirect effects due to crop residue removal. The biochar is considered to be used as solid fuel for coal power plants or as(More)
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