Vittoria Aiello

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Integration of computational and physical elements into cyber-physical systems is increasingly finding application in a number of different domains, including smart power grids, medical technologies, and building automation. In this paper, we study how the notion of cyber-physical integration can be applied to the design of the next generation of safety(More)
This paper describes an open loop control method of the solder joint process in a rework station for faulty printed circuit board (PCBs) containing electronic components in packages ball grid arrays (BGAs). In particular, a mathematical model describing the solder joint process is, first of all, obtained. Then, the desired thermal profile of the junctions(More)
Controller Area Network operational characteristic supports periodic, sporadic and event based task behavior of distributed embedded system for industrial applications. CAN connect distributed Electronics Control Units (ECU) serially in the network and share measured data of different parameters and control information from the different places. System(More)
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