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This paper presents the PID controller design for coupled-tank process using characteristic ratio assignment (CRA). The coupled-tank process is a challenge plant for testing the performance of PID controller because it is a high uncertainty nonlinear model. For this paper, the characteristic ratio assignment (CRA) which is satisfied specification of(More)
In this paper, the servo state feedback control of the self balancing robot is proposed. Balancing robot system to control is used ADXL3xx accelerometer as sensors to measure the angle and angle changes and then sends signals to the Servo motor for robot can balance the stability, respectively. Self Balancing robot control are application of MATLAB /(More)
Evaluation of a retinal image is widely employed to help doctors diagnose many diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension. From acquisition process, retinal images often have low grey level contrast and dynamic range. This paper proposes histogram analysis for solving the problems of retinal image enhancement. The proposed method uses fuzzy set to enhance(More)
This paper presents the approach to design PID controller for a modified quadruple-tank process using inverted decoupling technique. In case of non-minimum phase, TITO system, such as modified quadruple-tank process which can't be controlled by PID controller with standard decoupling technique because the system can't be stabled by saturating manipulate(More)
The purpose of this paper is to study and develop the redundant control system for the critical process. The critical process means a high priority process which is very essential to the global system. When a fault condition occurs on such process, it affects to other processes. In this paper, the gas pressure process is used a case study. This system(More)
Modbus protocol is a protocol that is widely used in SCADA systems. Because it is an open standard protocol. It can be programmed for communications in embedded devices easily. When using the Modbus protocol on RS-485 bus systems, the communication distance is limited to 1.2 km; typically a repeater is used to boost the signal to further the distance. This(More)
This paper presents a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) that cooperated with the holonic manufacturing system (HMS) with automatic material handling devices via industrial networks. The HMS is described as an intelligent manufacturing system that employs multi-agent system with negotiation protocols. The traditional HMS's negotiation protocol usually used(More)
Visible Light Communication (VLC) for indoor use equipped with a Star redundant system, using LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs and photodiodes as data receivers and transmitters, respectively, was developed in this research. The data for the transmission experiment was in a text files format encoded with the Manchester algorithm. White-light LEDs were(More)
Laser interferometers have generally been used for the angular measurement of measuring tape calibration systems. Yaw error measurements using a yaw sensor have been carried out to determine the characteristics of yaw errors and analyze the behaviors of the structural guide. The yaw sensor technique is identical to the error compensation used in a measuring(More)