Vittaldas V. Prabhu

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This paper presents an approach that is suitable for Just-In-Time (JIT) production for multi-objective scheduling problem in dynamically changing shop floor environment. The proposed distributed learning and control (DLC) approach integrates part-driven distributed arrival time control (DATC) and machine-driven distributed reinforcement learning based(More)
We propose a dynamic algorithm for distributed feedback control which unifies the functions of production and maintenance scheduling at the shop floor level, and machinery capacity control at the CNC level, which are usually considered in isolation in practice. A continuous-time control theoretic approach is used to model dynamics of these three functions(More)
In this paper, a fully-distributed system-level control architecture is described for dispatching, routing, and collision avoidance of multiple passive vehicles moving in a guideway network formed by a multitude of propulsion units. Propulsion units cooperate using a communication network with a topol-ogy identical to that of the guideway network,(More)
Various analytical and empirical methods assuming the existence of steady state and requiring homogenous properties of the product have been used with limited success in estimating freezing times in the food processing industry. Irrespective of the method adopted for estimating freezing time requirements, a critical process issue that needs to be considered(More)