Vittaldas V. Prabhu

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Various analytical and empirical methods assuming the existence of steady state and requiring homogenous properties of the product have been used with limited success in estimating freezing times in the food processing industry. Irrespective of the method adopted for estimating freezing time requirements, a critical process issue that needs to be considered(More)
In this paper, a fully-distributed system-level control architecture is described for dispatching, routing, and collision avoidance of multiple passive vehicles moving in a guideway network formed by a multitude of propulsion units. Propulsion units cooperate using a communication network with a topol-ogy identical to that of the guideway network,(More)
In this paper we present the application of Simulation for Predictive Control (SimPC) as a decision making tool for improvement of non-automated distribution centers (DCs). SimPC is focused on determining the viability of a given truck-dock assignment schedule, including arrival times and dock assignments for inbound and outbound trucks. SimPC also serves(More)