Vitrag Shah

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BACKGROUND Beginning in 1978 a cohort of patients with reflux nephropathy first seen at a London Childrens hospital have had 5-yearly follow-ups. This is the fourth (15-year) report from that series. METHODS Of the original 100 normotensive children with reflux nephropathy 78 were traced for the 15-year study in 1994. Five patients were excluded because(More)
OBJECTIVE Kawasaki disease (KD) is an acute vasculitis that causes coronary artery aneurysms (CAA) in young children. Previous studies have emphasised poor long-term outcomes for those with severe CAA. Little is known about the fate of those without CAA or patients with regressed CAA. We aimed to study long-term cardiovascular status after KD by examining(More)
INTRODUCTION Brachial plexus injury leading to flail upper limb is one of the most disabling injuries. Neglect of the injury and delay in surgeries may preclude reinnervation of the paralysed muscles. Currently for such injuries nerve transfers are the preferred procedures. We here present a series of 93 cases of global brachial plexus palsy treated with(More)
Plasma-renin-activity (P.R.A.) was raised in 9 of 15 hypertensive children with pyelonephritic scarring secondary to urinary-tract infection and vesicoureteric reflux and also in 8 of 100 normotensive children with such scars. P.R.A. was much less likely to fall with age in normotensive children with renal scarring than in normal children. The(More)
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