Vitor Yonamine Lee

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Structures with micrometer-sized features and patterns will be useful in manipulating cells and studying the effect of mi-croenvironments on cell behavior. [1±3] This paper describes the use of patterned flows of multiple laminar streams of etching solutions in capillaries to create topographical features with sizes of 10±100 lm in poly(dimethylsiloxane)(More)
  • E Huang, M F Toney, W Volksen, D Mecerreyes, P Brock, H.-C Kim +6 others
  • 2002
Small angle x-ray scattering ͑SAXS͒ measurements were performed on nanoporous methyl silsesquioxane films that were generated by the incorporation of a sacrificial polymeric component into the matrix and subsequently removed by thermolysis. The average pore radii ranged from 1 to 5 nm over a porosity range of ϳ5–50%. The distribution in pore size was(More)
Neonates that suffer oxygen deprivation during birth can have long lasting cognitive deficits, such as memory and learning impairments. Hippocampus, one of the main structures that participate in memory and learning processes, is a plastic and dynamic structure that conserves during life span the property of generating new cells which can become neurons,(More)
Neonatal anoxia in rodents has been used to understand brain changes and cognitive dysfunction following asphyxia. This study investigated the time-course of cellular and subcellular changes and hippocampal cell death in a non-invasive model of anoxia in neonatal rats, using Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP Nick End Labeling (TUNEL) to(More)
The thermal stability of the electric field induced poled order in a new class of second-order optically nonlinear polymers, "donor-imbedded" side-chain polyimides containing no flexible connectors or tethers to the nonlinear optical (NLO) chromophore, is investigated. In these polymers, the electron-donor part of the chromophore is a diaryl-substituted(More)
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