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In face of growing global competition, the ability of organizations to effectively use information technologies to deliver innovation and creativity is widely recognized as an important competitive advantage. In this context, knowledge of how to apply creativity techniques to information systems planning becomes particularly relevant. This chapter presents(More)
In general, managers have different opinions from those advocated by CIOs in relation to Information Systems, especially with regard to their importance and value to the business as well as in terms of investment needs. Here, we discuss and study new approaches to methods and tools for assessing the relative importance of each information system for(More)
The organizations ability to make effective use of information technology and to focus on innovation and creativity are recognized as being important. The perspective of using creativity techniques or some adaptations, to help innovation in the information systems area seems to be promising. In this article we propose a strategy for introduce creativity in(More)
The new generation of e-learning, commonly referred to as s-learning aims at the elimination of physical, social and cultural barriers and harnessing the potential of Web 2.0 in education. Allows a strong motivation for learning shortening distances between people and creating communities that share the same learning interests and goals. This paper(More)
Considering the global competitiveness the organizations ability to effectively use information technologies and bet on innovation and creativity are today commonly recognized as important. In this context, research on creativity in information systems has assumed special importance. This paper illustrates the use of Action-Research Method " in research in(More)