Vitor Roque

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Policy-Based Network Management (PBNM) is the application of specific, organisation-level rules in the context of networking, in particular for network management operations. The specification of a policy is performed in a policy language, usually following a textual representation. However, humans process images faster than text and they are prepared to(More)
Through the seamless integration of different kinds of technologies, services and terminals, and with the expected offered bandwidth, the next generation networks will put a new set of challenges related to operation and management. In this paper we present a Policy-based Network Management System that is being developed inside the Daidalos IST project.
Policy Based Network Management has been presented as a paradigm for efficient and customisable management systems. The IETF has provided a framework to describe the concept but some aspects still open like transactional control. In fact transactional control mechanisms are receiving today great attention in the scope of network management. In here, we(More)
Policy based management have gained a crescent importance in the two last years. New demands on internetworking, on services specification, on QoS achievement and generically on network management functionality, have driven this paradigm to a very important level. The main idea is to provide services that allow specifying management and operational rules in(More)
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