Vitor Paisante

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The design and implementation of static analyses that disambiguate pointers has been a focus of research since the early days of compiler construction. One of the challenges that arise in this context is the analysis of languages that support pointer arithmetics, such as C, C++ and assembly dialects. This paper contributes to solve this challenge. We start(More)
Alias analysis is one of the most fundamental techniques that compilers use to optimize languages with pointers. However, in spite of all the attention that this topic has received, the current state-of-the-art approaches inside compilers still face challenges regarding precision and speed. In particular, pointer arithmetic, a key feature in C and C++, is(More)
Pentagons is an abstract domain invented by Logozzo and Fähndrich to validate array accesses in low-level programming languages. This algebraic structure provides a cheap “less-than check”, which builds a partial order between the integer variables used in a program. In this paper, we show how we have used the ideas available in Pentagons to design and(More)
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