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INTRODUCTION The expression of additional genes, other than oestrogen receptor (ER), may be important to the hormone-responsive phenotype of breast cancer. Microarray analyses have revealed that forkhead box A1 (FOXA1) and GATA binding protein 3 (GATA-3) are expressed in close association with ERalpha, both encoding for transcription factors with a(More)
BACKGROUND A breast cancer prognostic tool should ideally be applicable to all types of invasive breast lesions. A number of studies have shown histopathological grade to be an independent prognostic factor in breast cancer, adding prognostic power to nodal stage and tumour size. The Nottingham Prognostic Index has been shown to accurately predict patient(More)
Materials that possess a negative Poisson's ratio are called Auxetics. They are characterized by the counterintuitive behavior of expanding in tension and contracting in compression. To justify this deformation behavior, there have been developed theoretical modelations like the reentrant and bowtie models. However, the most generalized models are based on(More)
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