Vitor Grade Tavares

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—IEEE 1149.1, commonly known as the joint test action group (JTAG), is the standard for the test access port and the boundary-scan architecture. The JTAG is primarily utilized at the time of the integrated circuit (IC) manufacture but also in the field, giving access to internal subsystems of the IC, or for failure analysis and debugging. Because the JTAG(More)
UNLABELLED Tooth wear is a complex multifactorial process that involves the loss of hard dental tissue. Parafunctional habits have been mentioned as a self-destructive process caused by stress, which results in hyperactivity of masticatory muscles. Stress manifests itself through teeth grinding, leading to progressive teeth wear. The effects of continuous(More)
— This paper analyzes transparent two-TFT current mirrors using a-GIZO TFTs with different mirroring ratios. In order to achieve a high mirroring ratio, the output TFT in the circuit employed a fingered structure layout to minimize area and overlap capacitance. The analysis of the current mirrors is performed in three phases. In the first, a radial basis(More)