Vitor G. Rolla

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In densely populated areas IEEE 802.11 technologies are becoming ubiquitous in response to the increasing number of fixed access points and the multitudes of wireless smart phone users. The Intelligent Wireless Router (IWR) protocol is proposed for the fixed nodes (home wireless routers) of a cooperative IEEE 802.11 community network. Combined with a(More)
Communication in mobile ad hoc networks and delay tolerant networks seeks to address the technical routing issues of heterogeneous networks that may lack continuous network connectivity. This work proposes the Time Message System (TMS), a delay tolerant routing solution for wireless networks. The protocol predicts the distance in function of time between(More)
This paper investigates user provided networks. Such networks have become important research in the field of informatics engineering due to the recent popularity of smart phones. User provided networks are independent from traditional Internet service providers. Communication and information exchange between users occurs opportunistically, i.e., when the(More)
This work presents an alternative analysis for the shortest path optimal routing problem and proposes novel heuristic methods to solve it. In practical terms, a solution for the shortest path optimal routing problem determines the link weights that optimizes a computer network operating under standard routing protocols (e.g. OSPF). We based our solution on(More)
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