Vitor Alberto Kerber

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The effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on chlorophyll content and accumulation of the anti-inflammatory monoterpene-indole alkaloid brachycerine in plants and calli of Psychotria brachyceras (Rubiaceae) were investigated. In this study, we also investigated a protective role for brachycerine against stress conditions. Calli and tip cuttings incubated in(More)
Brachycerine (1), an unusual alkaloid from the leaves of Psychotria brachyceras, was characterized through spectroscopic data interpretation and its stereochemistry established by NOE difference techniques. Brachycerine (1) was found to be restricted to shoots in rooted cuttings of P. brachyceras (0.018 +/- 0.004% dry weight), and accumulation was(More)
The extracts and fractions from the flowers of A. podalyriifolia were analyzed previously for antibacterial activity using diffusion in disk, Antioxidant properties were evaluated by determining radical scavenging power (DPPH test) and total phenol content was measured (Folin method). The present study describes the in vitro antibacterial (determining(More)
A monoterpene indole alkaloid, psychollatine ( 1), was isolated from Psychotria umbellata leaves. Its structure was characterized by interpretation of spectroscopic data and by comparison of its NMR data with those of croceaine A ( 2) from Palicourea crocea. The configuration of psychollatine ( 1) was established by NOE difference and circular dichroism(More)
Behavioral effects of psychollatine, a new glycoside indole monoterpene alkaloid isolated from Psychotria umbellata, was investigated in models of anxiety, depression, memory, tremor, and sedation related to 5-HT and/or GABA neurotransmission. The GABA antagonist picrotoxin and the 5-HT2 antagonist ritanserin were used to examine the role of GABA and 5-HT2(More)
Psychollatine (1), a new glycoside indole monoterpene alkaloid isolated from Psychotria umbellata, has shown an interesting psychopharmacological profile. This study aimed to investigate the role of NMDA glutamate and dopamine receptors in mediating the properties of 1. Psychollatine (1) was assessed for NMDA-induced seizures, MK-801-induced(More)
Senna ocidentalis is a weed, native to Brazil, considered to infest crops and plantations, and is responsible for yield losses of several crops, particularly soybean. The aim of this work was to evaluate if the Croton argenteus extract and fractions possess phytotoxic activity on S. ocidentalis. The crude ethanolic extract (CEE) and its hexanic (HF),(More)
Urochloa decumbens (Stapf) R. D. Webster (Poaceae) is an exotic species with has spread rapidly through the Cerrado area of Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. It has covered the soil aggressively turning it into cultivated pastures. Thus, it has become a challenge to protect native areas due its capacity of exclusion of native species. It has been(More)
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