Vitold E Pozhar

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A multimodal technique for inspection of microscopic objects by means of wideband optical microscopy, spectral microscopy, and optical coherence microscopy is described, implemented, and tested. The key feature is the spectral selection of light in the output arm of an interferometer with use of the specialized imaging acousto-optical tunable filter. In(More)
The problem of optical image deformations caused by the phenomenon of light beam diffraction in uniaxial crystals by ultrasonic waves is considered in the paper. A general analytical expression is derived describing a dependence of spatial deformations and transmission coefficients on incidence angles as well as on parameters of the crystal and the(More)
The elastic and photo-elastic characteristics of four laser crystals KY(WO₄)₂, KGd(WO₄)₂, KYb(WO₄)₂, and KLu(WO₄)₂ are presented. The first pair was reported early, and the last two materials have been investigated for the first time. The full matrix of elastic constants of these monoclinic crystals has been determined. Also, acousto-optical figure of merit(More)
Acousto-optical characteristics of double potassium tungstates are analyzed and specific directions for light modulation are found. First, an important subgroup of elasto-optic coefficients of KYb(WO4)2 and KLu(WO4)2 crystals are calculated with use of experimental data. It is revealed that with proper choice of ultrasound direction the acousto-optical(More)
Image aberrations caused by acousto-optic (AO) anisotropic diffraction in uniaxial crystals are discussed. For their analysis, we propose a simplified ray-tracing model of an AO crystal cell (AOC). With this approach, one can assign any configuration of AO interaction, any material and geometry of the crystal, and then estimate all conventional ray(More)
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