Vito Perrone

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In this work we present the results of a study that has aimed at identifying the requirements for Web design methods that may influence the industrial acceptability, that is, the characteristics that prevent, or contribute to, the adoption of design methods in a business environment. The empirical study involved (by way of focus groups and surveys), over(More)
MOTIVATION Improving the usability of bioinformatics resources enables researchers to find, interact with, share, compare and manipulate important information more effectively and efficiently. It thus enables researchers to gain improved insights into biological processes with the potential, ultimately, of yielding new scientific results. Usability(More)
The NCRI Informatics Initiative has been established with the goal of using informatics to maximise the impact of cancer research. A clear foundation to achieving this goal is to enable the development of an informatics platform in the UK that facilitates access to, and movement of, data generated from research funded by NCRI Partner organisations, across(More)
To be successful, any engineering product should accomplish the needs and expectations of its potential stakeholders. Similarly, design models should be defined taking into account goals and requirements of their users, i.e. the practitioners who daily conceive, develop and deploy applications. Neglecting stakeholders' needs can bring to lack of attention(More)
In this scenario the Sinfot Company, decided to migrate to the Web its legacy" ArcoImpresa" package. The job was done in co11aboration with our SEr -Lab. In the the paper we describe the ~thodological steps we adopted and the main technical issues we encountered" Abstract Various approache,y can be used to migrate legac,Y applications to the Web. In(More)
Who uses requirements engineering and design methodologies besides the people who invented them? Are researchers at least actually trying to use them in real-world complex projects and not in "paper project"? In this paper, we dare to recount the experience and the lessons we gained in trying to use seriously and in-depth a requirements engineering method(More)