Vito Macchia

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In this work we investigate a quaternion-based formulation of 3D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Extended Kalman Filter (EKF-SLAM) using relative pose measurements. The equations of the filter do not rely on heuristic solutions for preserving the unit norm of quaternions of rotation, nor introduce spurious measurements to force the unitary norm(More)
This paper presents the Smart2Poster concept, a solution proposing an interaction modality aimed at bridging the information and the surrounding physical world, by means of familiar objects (a poster, a smartphone and/or a TV screen) and based on the Near Field Communication technology (NFC) that enables a local Peer-to-Peer communication without requiring(More)
Despite the growing development of space-based systems aimed at monitoring and studying natural hazards, floods continue to harm humankind worldwide, causing enormous human and economic losses. In a view of improving the timeliness of existing flood emergency systems, we propose FLOODIS: a novel service that exploits existing space technologies together(More)
This paper presents the Smart2Poster concept, based on a traditional visual communication tool enhanced by the integration of a proximity technology such as the Near Field Communication (NFC). The concept has been designed and prototyped to study a situated interaction modality, bridging digital information and the surrounding physical world, by means of(More)
In this work we study the use of an omnidirectional camera for the estimation of a consistent metric representation of an indoor scenario. The proposed approach is based on Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters and allows the robot to use a single vision sensor for estimating an occupancy grid map of the environment. The prediction phase of the filter is(More)
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