Vito Librando

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In order to document cytogenetic damage associated with air pollution and, possibly, with health effects in the city of Catania, Sicily (Italy), we analyzed the induction of chromosomal aberrations by extractable agents from airborne particulate matter in a Chinese hamster epithelial liver (CHEL) cells. These cells retain their metabolic competence to(More)
This paper presents a computer aided design method useful for simulation of a set of proteolytic cleavages upon target proteins obtained from the Brookhaven Data Bank. The method was developed by using algorithms that are able to interface themselves with other software environments, in order to assist computer analyses in the molecular modelling field, and(More)
Objectives: The aims of this study were to in vitro evaluate the degree of conversion and the microhardness properties of five bulk fill resin composites; in addition, the performance of two curing lamps, used for composites polymerization, was also analyzed. Materials and Methods: The following five resin-based bulk fill composites were tested: SureFil(More)
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