Vito Gentile

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Public displays have lately become ubiquitous thanks to the decreasing cost of such technology and public policies supporting the development of smart cities. Depending on form factor, those displays might use touchless gestural interfaces that therefore are becoming more often the subject of public and private research. In this paper, we focus on touchless(More)
In the near future, we can easily imagine a significant increment in diffusion of networked public displays, as well as novel interaction modalities used in their applications. In the following, we present two of the main challenges related to networked displays we are dealing with, with a particular focus on touchless gestural interfaces: overcoming(More)
One of the most common and efficient way to preserve ancient books is to digitize them, and make their content someway browsable. However, this process often does not take into account the fruition point of view. Exploiting the currently available technologies allows for new ways of content fruition, to attract more people and help them to better understand(More)
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