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BACKGROUND Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (OTC-D) is a urea cycle disorder caused by dysfunction of ornithine transcarbamylase, which frequently leads to hyperammonemia. Hyperammonemia represents a medical emergency requiring prompt treatment to reduce plasma ammonia levels and prevent severe neurological damage, coma, and death, particularly in(More)
Although in most cases the diagnosis of acute appendicitis is straightforward, not all patients experience typical symptoms and other conditions may mimic appendicitis. In fact, 15-25% of appendectomies involve the removal of a normal appendix. To date, there is no literature evidence that herniation pit (HP) may mimic acute appendicitis. We report a case(More)
Twenty-six patients affected with Crohn's disease were studied by means of CT. The method demonstrated transmural fistulas in 2 cases, and bowel wall thickening in all patients. In our series of cases, the advantages of CT over conventional radiology lay in the fact that the former allowed the evaluation of associated mesenteric pathologies (e.g. fibrofatty(More)
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