Vito Albino

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The present paper extends the literature investigating key drivers leading certain patents to exert a stronger influence on the subsequent technological developments (inventions) than other ones. We investigated six key determinants, as (i) the use of scientific knowledge, (ii) the breadth of the technological base, (iii) the existence of collaboration in(More)
US input-output tables are of the type where intermediate inputs record the sum of imported and domestically produced goods. In modeling exercises this implies that imports are required to be specified exogenously. This has two consequences, which seriously restricts the usefulness of US-type tables. First, the multipliers can only be interpreted under the(More)
Despite the theoretical value of industrial symbiosis (IS), this approach appears to be underdeveloped in terms of practical applications. Different attempts to stimulate IS in practice are noticed, one of them consisting in the application of adequate policy measures. This paper explores the efficacy of two specific policies (landfill tax and economic(More)