Vithal B Jadhav

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Docetaxel micelle-encapsulated by a tripodal cyclotriphosphazene amphiphilile [NP(PEG750)(GlyPheLeu)(2)Et](3) (CP750) exhibited outstanding drug-loaded micelle stability in aqueous solution compared with the polymeric micelles assembled from linear block copolymers. Furthermore, docetaxel micelle-encapsulated by CP750 is obtainable in solvent free powder(More)
A hydrophobic and water-insoluble platinum(II) compound, cis-(cha)(2)Pt(NO(3))(2) was encapsulated by macromolecular micelles self-assembled from an amphiphilic cyclotriphosphazene [NP(MPEG750)(GlyPheLeu)(2)Et](3) (CP750). The micelle-encapsulated platinum(II) compound exhibited outstanding pharmacokinetics in rats by showing long blood circulation and much(More)
Cyclotriphosphazenes grafted with equimolar amounts of a hydrophilic polyethylene glycol and a hydrophobic oligopeptide in cis-nongeminal way form a new class of tripodal amphiphiles allowing both intra- and intermolecular hydrophobic interactions that differ from linear block copolymer amphiphiles. It has been found in this study that the tripodal(More)
Saturated fatty acids (FA) were grafted using tyrosine as a spacer group to the cyclotriphosphazene ring along with equimolar hydrophilic methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (MPEG) in cis-nongeminal way. Seven new cyclotriphosphazene amphiphiles were prepared from combinations of hydrophilic MPEGs with different molecular weights of 350, 550, 750 and 1000 and(More)
Even though nicotinic acid (niacin) appears to have beneficial effects on human lipid profiles, niacin-induced cutaneous vasodilatation called flushing limits its remedy to patient. GPR109A is activated by niacin and mediates the anti-lipolytic effects. Based on the hypothesis that β-arrestin signaling mediates niacin-induced flushing, but not its(More)
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