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We studied the fate of tumours induced by PR-RSV-C and B77-C in inbred chicken lines CB, CC and CB.R1. Rous sarcomas regressed in the CB and CB.R1 lines which are identical in the B-F region of the B complex. In contrast, progressive tumour growth was observed in the CC line which differed in the B-F region from the CB and CB.R1 lines and was identical in(More)
Rous sarcoma "regressor" chicken lines CB and CB.R1 identical in the B-F region of the B complex (MHC) are susceptible to Marek's disease. On the contrary, the Rous sarcoma "progressor" line CC different in the B-F region from the CB and CB.R1 lines and identical in the B-G region with the CB.R1 line is considerably resistant to MD. The inbred chicken line(More)
Two strains ofBifidobacterium globosum were isolated from cæcal contents of rabbits in a search for potential probiotics. Both strains fermented glucose, galactose, pentoses, maltose, raffinose and starch. Common coccidiostats (monensin, salinomycin) and antimicrobial growth promotors (avoparcin, bacitracin, nitrovin, virginiamycin) supplied at 10 mg/L(More)
We report results on the age-dependent effect of the B (MHC) genotype on resistance to the growth of a second RSV tumour in chickens from highly inbred lines genetically resistant or susceptible to progressive growth of primary RSV-induced tumours. Furthermore, the second inoculation of RSV caused either accelerated or retarded growth of the primary tumours(More)
Dust samples from farms contaminated with Marek's disease virus (MDV) were exposed to various disinfectants under experimental and field conditions. After the disinfection treatment, examination was made for the presence and oncogenicity of surviving MDV by the inoculation of tissue cultures and susceptible chickens. A combination of formaldehyde vapour and(More)