Vitaly V Surkov

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The distribution of radioactive contamination at three island sites downstream from the Krasnoyarsk Mining and Chemical Combine (KMCC) was studied with the objectives of mapping contamination levels, interpreting radionuclide distributions through consideration of alluvial processes and determining radionuclide inventories. Contamination was measured using(More)
We present a general concept of mechanisms of preseismic phenomena in the atmosphere and ionosphere. After short review of observational results we conclude: 1. Upward migration of fluid substrate matter (bubble) can lead to ousting of the hot water/gas near the ground surface and cause an earthquake (EQ) itself in the strength-weakened area; 2. Thus, time(More)
A technique of direction finding is proposed, which can be applied to the magnetic-dipole type source located in the conductive ground. To distinguish a weak ULF source signal from the natural noise a network of multicomponent magnetometers is supposed to be used. The data obtained by the ground-based stations is processed in such a way that a set of(More)
Plant species, forming important components of Arctic food chains and of interest from a monitoring perspective, were studied at 36 plots representing flood plain and terrace landscapes of the Yenisey River and Estuary from its upper delta to the gulf. (137)Cs contamination densities at the plots varied from 0.35kBq/m(2) (central delta, sandy riverside(More)
The rate of reassociation of 3H-DNA of phage PBV-1 was increased in the presence of 100-fold excess of unlabeled DNA of Penicillium brevi-compactum. On this basis it was calculated that DNA isolated from Penicillium brevi-compactum contained 27--38 phage genomes per haploid cell genome, DNA of PBV-3 virus does not influence the rate of reassociation of(More)
Treatment of extracts from the disintegrated mycelium of Penicillium brevi-compactum with antisera against viruses PBV-1 and PBV-3 grown on bacteria results in a considerable decrease in the infectiveness of micellar preparations toward E. coli C. This is a specific reaction since treatment with a heterologic antiserum against phage T2 has no effect on the(More)
An acute infection of HeLa cell cultures with a ts mutant of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis (VEE) virus may have different outcomes ranging from formation of a chronic virus-carrier state to complete elimination of virus from the culture. One of the possibilities is also a short-time carrier state (up to 10 passages) of the virus genome apparently(More)
The radioactive contamination of a riverine floodplain, heavily influenced by discharges from Krasnoyarsk-26, has been studied with respect to sedimentation processes and the geomorphology of the Upper Yenisey floodplain. The study was effected by implementation of a regime of in situ observations and measurements, sampling, and the interpretation of(More)