Vitaly V. Slabko

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We investigate extraordinary features of optical parametric amplification of Stokes electromagnetic waves that originate from the three-wave mixing of a backward phonon wave with negative group velocity and two ordinary electromagnetic waves. Such properties were earlier shown to exist only in plasmonic negative-index metamaterials that are very challenging(More)
Three-wave mixing of ordinary and backward electromagnetic waves in a pulsed regime is investigated in the metamaterials that enable the coexistence and phase-matching of such waves. It is shown that the opposite direction of phase velocity and energy flux in backward waves gives rise to extraordinary transient processes due to greatly enhanced optical(More)
We study second-harmonic generation (SHG) of femtosecond laser pulses in a rectangular two-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystal (NLPC). Multiple SH beams were observed in the vicinity of the propagation direction of the fundamental beam. It has been verified that the angular positions of these beams obey the conditions of nonlinear Raman-Nath diffraction(More)
Based on the theory of the optical properties of fractal clusters, which is an operator-based modification of the coupled-dipole method, an alternate solution is proposed for the problem of adequately describing the evolution of optical spectra of any polydisperse silver colloid with particles falling within the range of most characteristic sizes (5− 30(More)
A possibility to greatly enhance frequencyconversion efficiency of stimulated Raman scattering is shown by making use of extraordinary properties of threewave mixing of ordinary and backward waves. Such processes are commonly attributed to negative-index plasmonic metamaterials. This work demonstrates the possibility to replace such metamaterials that are(More)
We study the nonlinear Raman-Nath diffraction (NRND) of femtosecond laser pulses in a 1D periodic nonlinear photonic structure. The calculated second-harmonic spectra represent frequency combs for different orders of transverse phase matching. These frequency combs are in close analogy with the well-known spectral Maker fringes observed in single crystals.(More)
Preface Professor Ping Sheng, who became one of the protagonists in the physics of random inhomogeneous media, told me once that, when he started research in this field thirty years ago, his senior colleagues tried to discourage him from studying " dirty " materials and suggested he focused on traditional " nice " solids, such as crystals. Nowadays, it has(More)
We show that the medium length required for coherent energy transport from strong electromagnetic field to contra-propagating Stokes signal can be significantly reduced and the conversion efficiency sharply increased by means of three-wave mixing with optical phonons having negative group velocity. Such localization depends resonantly on the intensity of(More)
The effect of laser irradiation on the properties of the surface of film matrices obtained from the bioresorbed polymer polyhydroxybuturate has been studied. To determine the spectral region of the polymer optimal for the effective action of radiation on electron molecular bonds, theoretical investigations have been performed, which have shown that, for(More)
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