Vitaly Mishin

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tional PRNT results from 26 sera, of which 18 (69%) were positive, yields a 3.9% positivity rate. In addition to our study, with crude seroprevalence rates ranging from 3.9% to 10.1%, another recent study demonstrated JCV antibodies in 2.9% to 13.3% of ill persons in Massachusetts (Tonry J et al., unpub. data). Although the screening results of our first(More)
—Non-binary multithreshold decoding (qMTD) for q-ary self-orthogonal codes (qSOC) is considered. The SER performance of qMTD is shown to be close to the results provided by optimum total search methods, which are not realizable for non-binary codes in general. qMTD decoders are compared with different decoders for Reed-Solomon codes. The performance(More)
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