Vitaly G. Levashenko

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Decision Making Support System based on Fuzzy Logic is considered in this paper for oncology disease diagnosis. The decision making procedure corresponds to the recognition (classification) of the new case by analyzing a set of instances (already solved cases) for which classes are known. Ontology (solved cases) is defined as Fuzzy Classification Rules that(More)
Multi-State System is a mathematical model that is used in reliability analysis to present a system with some level of working efficiency. A structure function allows to describe behavior of system reliability depending on the efficiency of its components unambiguously. There are a lot of estimates of a Multi-State System on the basic of structure function.(More)
Abstract Mathematical description of an examined system like a Multi-State System (MSS) permits the analysis of this system reliability in more detail, because the MSS defines some performance levels (more that only working and failure). A structure function is one of basic definitions of MSS. But the structure function dimension increases critically(More)
Structure function is one of the possible mathematical models of the real systems under study in reliability engineering. The structure function represents correlation the system performance level and components states. The system performance level is defined from the states of all its components. It means that all possible components states and performance(More)
A lot of systems (operating systems, database systems, distributed systems, information systems) can be described, form the point of view of reliability, like a multi-state system. The multi-state system is investigated in this paper as an object of reliability analysis. In this case, the system and its component may experience more than two states of(More)
Multi-State System (MSS) is one of mathematical models in reliability analysis that is used for representation of real systems. This model defines some performance levels (more than only working and failure), but the dimension of such model increases critically depending on number of system components. In this paper, method for analysis of the MSS with high(More)
Modern system is complex and includes different types of components such as software, hardware, human factor. Reliability is principal property of this system. The importance analysis is one of approaches in reliability engineering. Application of this approach for healthcare system is considered in this paper. The importance reliability analysis allows(More)