Vitaly Feyer

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A sizable enhancement of the circular dichroism in photoelectron spectroscopy has been measured and computed for the metal complex Δ-cobalt(III) tris-acetylacetonate highest occupied molecular orbital state in the region of the Co 3p→3d Fano resonance. In the resonance the dichroism reaches the maximum value of 5% and even changes its sign as compared to(More)
We present a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the valence electronic structure of porphyrin-derived molecules. The valence photoemission spectra of the free-base tetraphenylporphyrin and of the octaethylporphyrin molecule were measured using synchrotron radiation and compared with theoretical spectra calculated using the GW method and(More)
Photoabsorption and S 2p photoionization of the SF(6) molecule have been studied experimentally and theoretically in the excitation energy range up to 100 eV above the S 2p ionization potentials. In addition to the well-known 2t(2g) and 4e(g) shape resonances, the spin-orbit-resolved S 2p photoionization cross sections display two weak resonances between(More)
The Stark effect on the doubly excited states of helium below the N=2 threshold has been studied by vacuum ultraviolet fluorescence yield spectroscopy. Two new series of states are observed at moderate fields (<10 kV/cm), and assigned to the previously unobserved even 1pe series, and a group of 1De series. The 1Se states are observed indirectly via their(More)
The inner shell excitation of pyrimidine and some halogenated pyrimidines near the C and N K-edges has been investigated experimentally by near edge x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy and theoretically by density functional theory calculations. The selected targets, 5-Br-pyrimidine, 2-Br-pyrimidine, 2-Cl-pyrimidine, and 5-Br-2-Cl-pyrimidine, allow(More)
The CO and CO(2) carbon and oxygen Auger spectra have been measured by electron impact and compared with accurate theoretical calculations accounting for the effects of the dynamics of the nuclei on the energy and linewidth of the Auger bands. The calculations for CO were previously published [L. S. Cederbaum et al., J. Chem. Phys. 95, 6634 (1991)], while(More)
The S 2p Auger spectrum of SF(6) has been studied in the region of the 2t(2g) and 4e(g) resonances. The partial Auger spectra due to the ionization of the 2p spin-orbit components and of a shake-up satellite state have been measured selectively by tuning the photon energy and using the Auger electron-photoelectron coincidence technique. A detailed analysis(More)
The electronic structure of iron phthalocyanine (FePc) in the valence region was examined within a joint theoretical-experimental collaboration. Particular emphasis was placed on the determination of the energy position of the Fe 3d levels in proximity of the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO). Photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) measurements were(More)