Vitaly Bolshakov

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In this paper the fitness landscape of a simulation optimisation problem is analysed within the metaheuristic optimisation framework Heuristic Lab. Computational experiments are performed within an application prototype of a link between the model of a vehicle scheduling problem and the optimisation framework. Modern fitness landscape analysis approaches(More)
According to the standard laboratory technique, chironomid larvae are reared on mixture of silica sand and clay whose color impedes observation of the behavior of larvae because they blend into the background. A new technique of rearing chironomid larvae on Bacto agar is presented, and the possibility to observe single individuals during the whole period of(More)
The paper presents both an intelligent approach to better management of pedestrian flows by means of a mobile application and a simulation model to asses this approach. The proposed concept is supposed to be used at heritage sites, which are overloaded by tourists, and which have a number of potential attractions within a walking distance. The proposed(More)
The study of polytene chromosomes of Chironomus plumosus from the Rybinsk reservoir, its inflows, and surrounding water bodies revealed two types of populations. Terminal populations are presented by karyoforms with a specific composition of genotype and zygotic-arm combinations adapted to specific environmental factors. No gene exchange between different(More)
Reorganization of the low-molecular-weight fraction of cyprinid plasma was analyzed using various electrophoretic techniques (disc electrophoresis, electrophoresis in polyacrylamide concentration gradient, in polyacrylamide with urea, and in SDS-polyacrylamide). The study revealed coordinated changes in the low-molecular-weight protein fractions with(More)