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We analyze the statistical behavior of signals in nonlinear circuits with delayed feedback in the presence of external Markovian noise. For the special class of circuits with intense phase mixing we develop an approach for the computation of the probability distributions and multitime correlation functions based on the random phase approximation. Both(More)
A statistical theory for the evolution of radiation in a cavity excited by a partially coherent signal is constructed based on a simple theoretical model for a ring cavity with a nonlinear element, leading to a difference equation with a rapidly oscillating exponential. It is shown that mixing, being the cause of the onset of deterministic autostochastic(More)
The Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP) is aimed to identify the variety of protein products and transcripts of the number of chromosomes. The Russian part of C-HPP is devoted to the study of the human chromosome 18. Using widely accepted Tophat and SpliceGrapher, a tool for accurate splice sites and alternative mRNA isoforms prediction, we(More)
Live attenuated vaccine is used for vaccination. The temperature-sensitive (ts) phenotype is characteristic for almost all vaccinal rubella strains. The acquisition of the temperature-sensitive phenotype during adaptation to cold is strongly correlated with attenuation of the wild-type virus. Nevertheless, the molecular mechanisms of rubella virus(More)
Certain types of random rearrangements of attracting sets (attractors) arising in the phase space of a ring resonator containing a nonlinear medium are studied numerically. It is shown that for certain values of the parameters we can reduce the 2-D mapping describing the evolution of the field in the resonator to 1-D and give a qualitative explanation of(More)
85 Page 120, left column, line 1, paragraph 3 from the top and throughout the whole text measeles should read rubella Page 120, right column, line 5, paragraph 1 from the top, the phrase …reversion to the wild type, i.e., hyperattenuation, and the emergence of vaccination linked complications during the creation of vaccines make it necessary… should read(More)
Immunosuppressive domains (ISDs) of viral envelope glycoproteins provide highly pathogenic phenotypes to various retroviruses. The ISD interaction with immune cells leads to an inhibition of the response. As was shown in the 1980s, a 17-amino acid residue of ISD fragment (known as CKS-17) is responsible for this immune modulation. However, the underlying(More)
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