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In this study, a rapid quantitative method using TaqMan-based real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (qPCR-RT) has been developed for estimating the titers of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) viruses in infected cell culture supernatants. The qPCR-RT assay was demonstrated to be a specific, sensitive, efficient and reproducible method.(More)
We analyze the statistical behavior of signals in nonlinear circuits with delayed feedback in the presence of external Markovian noise. For the special class of circuits with intense phase mixing we develop an approach for the computation of the probability distributions and multitime correlation functions based on the random phase approximation. Both(More)
A statistical theory for the evolution of radiation in a cavity excited by a partially coherent signal is constructed based on a simple theoretical model for a ring cavity with a nonlinear element, leading to a difference equation with a rapidly oscillating exponential. It is shown that mixing, being the cause of the onset of deterministic autostochastic(More)
AIM To study antiviral activity of metabolites of spore-forming strain "Pashkov" of B. pumilus on the model of enterovirus infection in vitro. MATERIALS AND METHODS B. pumilus strain "Pashkov" isolated from environment and identified by common methods. Cell cultures: Vero-6, Vero-ECC, and Vero-E6. Enteroviruses: type 1 poliovirus, Coxsackie B virus (1-6),(More)
The phylogenetic analysis of rubella virus gene E1 in 6 strains isolated in Russia in 1967 - 1997 and in 36 isolates obtained from different countries during the period of 1963 - 1997 was carried out. Most of the genotypes were classified with genotype 1--these were strains from Europe, North America, Japan, China. Strains not included into genotype 1 were(More)
Horizontal transfer of genes between viruses and their hosts played an important role in the evolution of various eukaryotes including contemporary mammals as well as the pathogens themselves. Elements of viruses of various types can be found in the genome of animals. Endogenous retroviral elements composing up to 8% of human genome length not only(More)
The detection frequency of antibodies to Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) was studied in residents of the South and of the Middle European Part of the Russia Federation as well as of Siberia. Antibodies to HEV were most often found both in patients with hepatic pathologies and in subjects with diseases unrelated with a primary hepatic lesion, in particular, in(More)
AIM Evaluate resolution and diagnostic significance of real-time multiplex PCR (MP RT-PCR) as a platform for group A rotavirus G/P genotyping test-systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Primer and DNA probe construction for an experimental test-system based on MP RT-PCR was carried out by using specialized PC programs and sequence databases GenBank NCBI, EMBL(More)
Live attenuated vaccine is used for vaccination. The temperature-sensitive (ts) phenotype is characteristic for almost all vaccinal rubella strains. The acquisition of the temperature-sensitive phenotype during adaptation to cold is strongly correlated with attenuation of the wild-type virus. Nevertheless, the molecular mechanisms of rubella virus(More)