Vitaliy Sharapov

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The new method for the simulation of nonstationary quantum processes is proposed. The method is based on the tomography representation of quantum mechanics, i.e., the state of the system is described by the nonnegative function (quantum tomogram). In the framework of the method one uses the ensemble of trajectories in the tomographic space to represent(More)
The systems with multimode nonstationary Hamiltonians quadratic in position and momentum operators are reviewed. The tomographic probability distributions (tomograms) for the Fock states and Gaussian states of the quadratic systems are discussed. The tomograms for the Fock states are expressed in terms of multivariable Hermite polynomials. Using the obvious(More)
A protocol is introduced to show K copies of a pattern string are embedded is a host string. Commitments to both strings, and to offsets of copies of the pattern in the host is input of Verifier. Protocol does not leak useful information about strings, and is zero knowledge. 1 Preliminaries We consider a string as a set of tuples of integers for each(More)
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